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Sailing has been my passion for two decades already.  Time truly flies!  Sailing has literally saved me from a chaotic world.  As soon as I set sail,  there is this instant thrill that I experience.  It doesn’t matter if I sail on a pond or the big blue ocean, the excitement is the same.   Step by step I acquired the knowledge that granted me certifications recognized by the boating community, but there is nothing like encountering the people who have navigated around the globe and know way more than I do.  I treat sailing as an art which I will likely spend the rest of my life attempt to grasp.

Chris Roy, owner of ST

Why Choose Us!

Development and Instruction: Certified instructor with Sail Canada will provide you the ideal learning environment for your specific needs. Either it is to obtain the cruising qualification by the SC standards or as a day sail instructing private session, be assured you will gain the competence in a friendly atmosphere.

Skippered Charter: Day, overnight, or a cruise, with crew on Windswept.

Captain for Hire: You need a qualified skipper/ navigator? A Sailboat you need delivered? Give us a call..

Mobile Port of Call: Unique service of yacht delivery.  You prefer starting your cruise in a different location on the Salish Coast territory? It will be our pleasure to meet you there.

It’s a Family Affair!

He is a retired law enforcement officer who has been drawn by the sea ever since he was sent to his first posting in British Columbia. Windsurfing was big back then and there it all started.  Seeking further horizons,  sailing became an obsession which gradually led to live his passion.  After two decades, sailing the Bahamas, the east and west coast of North America, and countless miles on the Salish Sea, one thing is left to accomplish: to share the discoveries with others.


First mate, She has worked for Starbucks for over 20 years and clearly understands the culture of customer satisfaction and an excellent cup of coffee. While raising her two children and husband (the captain), Georgina preserved her delightful sense of humour, despite… Georgina strive to please and will ensure that you miss nothing.