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Welcome, my name is Christian Roy and I am the owner of Sail’ish Tours and I live to sail.  Sailing has been my passion for 20 plus years which has been the perfect outlet for an hectic career in law enforcement.   Sailing has literally saved me and help me see life from a perspective of beauty and preciousness. When you fall in love with sailing, you’ll fall hard… for the freedom and escape from daily life, the silent beauty of gliding through the water with no engine running. You close your eyes. Feel the sun on your face. Breathe the fresh salt air. Hear the sea splashing against the hull and the wind in the sails. Peace, beauty and tranquility is what you will remember from the unique experience.

Georgina and I are excited to receive and guide you to the perfect sailing experience. Whether it’s a romantic sunset cruise for you and that special someone, or a daytime sailing adventure for all your friends, we’ve got you covered. When you call or e-mail for information about a sailing charter you are working with someone who can help create an unforgettable experience on the water for you and your guests.

Why Choose Us!

Development and Instruction: Captain Chris is a certified instructor with Sail Canada. Either it is to obtain the cruising qualification by the SC standards or as a day sail instructing private session, be assured you will gain the competence in a friendly atmosphere.

Skippered Charter: Day, overnight, or a cruise, with crew on Windswept.

Captain for Hire: You need a qualified skipper/ navigator? A Sailboat you need delivered? Give Captain Chris a call..

Mobile Port of Call: Unique service of yacht delivery.  You prefer starting your cruise in a different location on the Salish Coast territory? It will be our pleasure to meet you there.

It’s a Family Affair!

He is a retired Mountie who has been drawn by the sea ever since he served in BC. First as a windsurfer, Captain Chris sought infinite horizons with sailing to gradually owning, skipping, mastering and instructing his passion. Among years of cruising, Christian sailed the Bahamas, the east and west coast of North America and the Saint Laurent seaway .

Certified with CYA as an instructor, he is awaiting your call to provide you with the tools to freedom.

First mate, She has worked for Starbucks for over 20 years and clearly understands the culture of customer satisfaction and an excellent cup of coffee. While raising her two children and husband (the captain), Georgina preserved her delightful sense of humour, despite… Georgina strive to please and will ensure that you miss nothing.