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Anchored in Pirates Cove in the Gulf Islands

The two teenagers on board were in their true element, much to the parents’ content.  Pirates Cove on DeCourcy Island was just what the joyful young adults needed.  It is without a doubt the combination of the enchanting scenery, the vibrant marine life along its shore, and simply the most wonderful summer weather.  The water being so crystal clear, swimming and snorkeling in the warm waters have all the hallmarks of a tropical paradise – with the addition of lush forest of arbutuses that the Provincial Park treasures. Although Captain Chris enjoyed every bit of this cruise, the sailing across the Straight had been his highlight as the warm Northwesterly breeze carried Windswept to a delightful 6.0 knots to and fro.

Next week the weather forecast is looking pretty extraordinary as well.  Captain Chris is heading to the Sunshine Coast where he is hoping to take you for tour.  Check out the “Back to School” deals.

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