A Mid-Summer Update from the Sunny BC Coast

I must apologize for not keeping the post fresh as the last months have been simply mind and sail blowing, the pen and keyboard neglected in the process.  I will do my best to curb my biased enthusiasm in the following words.

There is nothing more fulfilling to be instigating moments of joy in one’s life.  Starting in May, Sail’ish Tours very casually started the season with exciting guests whom, out of the blue, got our number and booked a tour. Two actors conducting an upcoming series in Vancouver set sail in Howe Sound with the thick snow peeks in the surrounding background.

Then, we had the immense pleasure to welcome friends Claire and Guy of the Voilier Balthazar whom their accomplishments of sailing the North-West Passage is fascinating.  Claire and Guy have sailed the world for over a decade to which they have produced several documentaries of their adventures.  They are currently sailing the Gulf Islands and working on their next documentary about the Salish Coast inhabitants.

July has been very kind to sailors. The warm breeze has been constant and so are happy crews of Windswept.  Captain Chris hosted life loving visitors from St-Louis, MO. San Diego, CA and Québec while gently skimming the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

In closing, although August is very popular in this part of Paradise, September and October are even more ideal for cruising as the crowds have gone back to work. Hence Sail’ish Tours is offering a 15% discount on all our cruises booked before August 15th.

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The team of Sail’ish Tours

Sailing Season is Starting. Time to Charter your next Adventure

Hello dear sailors,

We have worked hard to get Windswept immaculately perfect for your cruise.  I have several bookings already and I don’t want you to miss your chance.  Book your cruise today, it’s gonna be awesome.  Give us a call or send an email at info@sailish-tours.ca to inquire.

See you soon!

Your Captain,



Sail’ish Tours Taking a View From Above

Winter recess for Windswept

While the fog covers the Salish Sea, Captain Chris traded his hat to skis. The view from atop is as spectacular. Bellow are images of Howe Sound which the nickname “Sea to Sky” truly fits.
WINDSWEPT is getting its well deserved maintenance and will be perfect once more in the new year.

Balthazar is Visiting

We have exciting events coming up. Captain Chris is expecting Claire Roberge and Guy Lavoie owners of the renowned sloop BALTHAZAR. Claire and Guy have circumnavigated the globe, and lately have come through the NorthWest passage from Gaspésie transiting in Groenland, Nunavut, Nunavik, and Alaska. Sail’ish Tours is honoured to welcome them to the BC South Coast in the Spring.

Come join us and reserve your cruise; the experience will be enriching for the entire crew.


Sunny Cruises on the Sunshine Coast of BC

There are many sunny days left in the season and Sail’ish Tours latest cruise was filled with it.  As we departed Tillicum Bay Marina in Sechelt Inlet,  The temperature is summer like for the 24th of October.  The calm water of this fabulous inlet provided a smooth ride towards the Skookumchuck Narrows and rapids.  The trip through these spectacular rapids was worth the detour as I found some of the locals secrets.  I now understand why many pleasure boaters spend a good part of the summer in this under estimated inlet.  They have quiet anchorages by sandy beaches.  I will be a returning guest next summer for sure.

Where the Skookumchuck Meets the Jervis Inlet.

A light outflow filled the sails, and I must say that Jervis Inlet is underrated; it matches the beauty of Desolation Sound with the jagged peaks, falls, wildlife, pristine shores.  We were accompanied by mother Sea Lion from the rapids all the way to Nelson Island. These creatures are more elegant and gracious swimmers I could imagine as she paced along the side of Windswept for several miles effortlessly.

Upon approaching hidden entrance of Blind Bay, I reduced our speed to safely navigate through this narrow obstacle course keeping the two submerged rocks to starboard, hugging the port side shore till the bay opens up to unlimited exploration.

Ready to settle and throw the hook for the night, a quiet anchorage gave us the comfort of another awesome sunset and night of sleep. The morning came; dawn revealing the grand morning.  The weather once again proving  the existence of a Canadian Banana belt with a perfect sailing day for the southbound cruising.

The Warm October Breeze in the Sound

This stretch of ocean along Texada Island I find exciting, always keeping surprises for attentive sailors.  The day warmed up and  sunscreen lotion was slapped on.  The following swells made the ride even more enjoyable, the pace highly satisfying to the skipper, Windswept perfectly timed to surf on the front face of the swell adding harmony of the vessel’s performance.  By sunset,  Ragged island, I tiny private island between Keats and Bowen Island, provided good shelter for the Northwesterly and outflow winds of Howe Sound.  It is, though, highly recommended that you add extra precaution to your setting as the it is wide open to the southwesterly winds.

Windswept is preparing for the winter haul-out for deserved love and care.  Thanks for reading.

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