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Soaking in the Scene Cruising Between Howe Sound and the dept of Jervis Inlet

Sail’ish Tours epic Princess Louisa Inlet Cruise

As predicted, the cruise to Princess Louisa Inlet was mesmerizing, breathtaking as words alone cannot give its beauty justice.  Blessed with incredible weather, Sail’ish Tours shared the privilege of attendance with few others.

That’s the thing about the month of September: As the world goes back to its busy routine, leaving the summer enjoyments behind, the summer weather is far from over, hence giving nature a respite from the onslaught of cruisers.

Here’s a brief summary of the adventure:

Howe Sound, Bowen Island to Welcome Pass, Smuggler Cove

On September 24th, Windswept and the crew left Snug Cove on Bowen Island with a westerly breeze filling the sails as we headed to Smuggler Cove to spend the night stern tied.  I hate to admit, but the cove is superbly attractive and it is clear as to why it is a Provincial Marine preservation park.  Again, the timing of the season offered the guests exclusivity of the place which is not always the case in previous summer months.

The Sunshine Coast Hub

On Day 2: The wind blew from the SSE and the sails were hoisted over the following seas. Passing by Garden Bay, and through Agamemnon Channel, Windswept traveled the 30 or so miles to Egmont where we docked for some supplies (cold beer).  Egmont is my favorite pit-stop as this tiny little harbour is situated in the middle of it all: The Sunshine Coast hub. The wireless services mind you don’t feel the same way, but that’s ok – If you need to let someone know of your whereabout, the pay phone by the General Store is reliable and takes credit.

That night, I located the perfect spot to anchor in Dark Bay 4 nautical miles from Egmont.  Don’t let the name of the cove dissuade you from dropping the hook in it – It’s very peaceful.  The Milky Way that night was so bright; showing herself entirely to the naked eye.  And then the sunrise…

Jervis Inlet: The Royal Reaches

Day 3:  Clear, sunny day, temperature in the low 20’s.  Jervis Inlet is more than just a passage to our destination.  The scenery allows its visitors to soak in the grandeur of nature.  The surroundings give a sobering perspective as the peaks, valleys and wildlife is the best anti-depressor available on the market as far as I’m concerned.  By noon, the swift current of  the Malibu rapids relented briefly to allow excited sailors awaiting access inside the inlet.

Princess Louisa Charming Farewell

Day 4: As the Sun was warming the earth the morning fog slowly dissipated and the tide favorable ebbing gave the crew the friendly sign for departure, but only after a final tour of the bay and Chatterbox Falls. By 1700 hrs.we were back to Egmont sun kissed and in time to get some supplies and call the loved ones at home.

Day 5: After thoroughly examining the tides schedule, The Skookumchuck rapids were our next challenge to which every consideration and respect must be given in order to be granted access to beautiful Sechelt Inlet.  Much to enjoy about this area which Sail’ish Tours will leave for our next cruise as the crew must resume with life back home.

First light in Dark Bay

Jervis Inlet Sleeping

Chatterbox Falls

The Falls upclose

Princess Louisa Inlet in the rearview

View from Above

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