A Mid-Summer Update from the Sunny BC Coast

I must apologize for not keeping the post fresh as the last months have been simply mind and sail blowing, the pen and keyboard neglected in the process.  I will do my best to curb my biased enthusiasm in the following words.

There is nothing more fulfilling to be instigating moments of joy in one’s life.  Starting in May, Sail’ish Tours very casually started the season with exciting guests whom, out of the blue, got our number and booked a tour. Two actors conducting an upcoming series in Vancouver set sail in Howe Sound with the thick snow peeks in the surrounding background.

Then, we had the immense pleasure to welcome friends Claire and Guy of the Voilier Balthazar whom their accomplishments of sailing the North-West Passage is fascinating.  Claire and Guy have sailed the world for over a decade to which they have produced several documentaries of their adventures.  They are currently sailing the Gulf Islands and working on their next documentary about the Salish Coast inhabitants.

July has been very kind to sailors. The warm breeze has been constant and so are happy crews of Windswept.  Captain Chris hosted life loving visitors from St-Louis, MO. San Diego, CA and Québec while gently skimming the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

In closing, although August is very popular in this part of Paradise, September and October are even more ideal for cruising as the crowds have gone back to work. Hence Sail’ish Tours is offering a 15% discount on all our cruises booked before August 15th.

Wait no more. Offer yourself the best cruise with the best sailing charter.




The team of Sail’ish Tours

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