Sailing with Sail’ish Tours will give you a unique and relaxing experience.  Your dream cruise combined with our knowledge will be the ingredients of a one-of-a-kind adventure.  Every new day is an opportunity to discover and your ideas will be considered and delivered by your dedicated captain.    Whether it is a day-sail, tacking up the bay, feel the warm breeze on your skin, anchor in the nearby cove while having a refreshing drink or swim, your idea of relaxation is ours to accommodate.

If you think of an extended cruise, allowing further locations to explore, your vision will be embraced and facilitated.  Our modern and comfortable 12 meter Catalina sailboat has been built for that purpose, and without compromise.

The Gulf Islands, the Sunshine Coast, Howe Sound and beyond are a few options for cruising, however, there is much more out there to your imagination.


Sail’ish Tours offers you the option to start closer to that illusive coast.  As an example: The Gulf Islands can be easily explored from Nanaimo, saving you half of day sailing across the Straight from Vancouver.   Desolation Sound is a breeze from Pender Harbour or Lund. Princess Louisa Inlet from Egmont makes alot of sense. Just ask us where you wish to start your dream cruise; your captain will be there to welcome you.  Please call now to inquirer about your personalized cruise.

Howe Sound

Howe Sound is the first significant sailing ground on the way to the Sunshine Coast from the Vancouver harbour, and so spectacular.  The North Shore mountains snowy peaks, picturesque islands nearby, exceptional anchorages, marine parks, and welcoming communities, makes this fjord a perfect day cruise from Horseshoe Bay near Vancouver.

The Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast has preserved its natural beauty in great part because of the protected coast lines that spreads from Gibsons to Lund, featuring coves of unique beauty.  There is everything for everyone here.  To merely scratch the sea surface of this local treasure, a multi-day cruise will make you fall in love with this paradise.

The Gulf Islands

The Gulf Islands are mesmerizing and vast.  To fully explore, well! you will have to return year after year; and you will want to.  The popular communities are fun, welcoming rich in history and culture.  There are secret islands, coves and bays peppering the coast east of Vancouver Island that will require an open schedule to visit them all.  Our Nanaimo base allows to immediate access to the many anchorages and marinas of the Gulf Islands.  There is truly everything for all types of sailors; our most popular destination indeed.

Desolation Sound

Desolation Sound was so named for Captain Vancouver in the 18th century when according to the prose in his log, the sense of being utterly distanced from everything and anything, hence the name seemed most descriptive of his state of mind.  Unbeknownst to our modern needs, the adjective would become a precious location to which resonates to many nature lovers today.

Make your own adventure and let's go beyond...


Half Day Cruise (4 hours) and Full Day (8 hours)

Your Private Day Cruise: This 8 hour sailing will give you the freedom to reach up the nearby attractions and coves, enjoy  the local secrets and have a great time on the water.  Also the perfect way to introduce yourself to the world of sailing in preparation to the longer adventures.

Price starting at: C$525.00 + taxes.

2 to 4 Day Cruise

On this multi day cruise you can enjoy a sail in luxurious fashion to the more peaceful Gulf Islands and the Sunshine Coast, where you may wish to anchor in extraordinary coves and bays, or tie at a dock in one of the many quaint marinas.   You’ll have a comfortable night in one of the two large cabins, fully equipped kitchen and BBQ.

If staying off the grid for a few days, or simply enjoy the coastal lifestyle in our welcoming and relaxing ports is what you envision, well be assured that Sail’ish Tours will deliver your dream vacation.

Starting at C$495.00 + taxes  per day.

5+ day cruise

The Salish Sea is a world within ours that has countless destinations.  One could spend a lifetime to visit every mile of this coast line.  Sail’ish Tours will take you there.   We’ll plan the journey together, or bring your ideas on the plotting table.    As an example, instead of departing from Vancouver to explore Desolation Sound, one could select to start the cruise on the Sunshine Coast (Pender Harbour), saving precious time to get to the desired destination.  Same can be said about The Gulf Islands where a strategic departure from Nanaimo would extend the exploration of this sailing paradise by a couple days as well.

5 day Cruise starting at C$2,325.00 + taxes  ($465.00 per day)