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Three day cruise and two magnificent beaches.

We left the North Shore of Vancouver on a beautiful August morning just on time to allow the First Narrow of the inlet to spit Windswept out the bay.  My guests, a young family of a four year old daughter, had been excited about the cruise plan – being the Gulf Island’s two of the most beautiful beaches  of the west coast.

We arrived to Dionisio Point in the afternoon and anchored in the bay.  To everyone’s delight, the hot fine sand, the refreshing swim and the view – well words cannot do it justice as for its beauty. We soaked in all the bits of a perfect evening watching the sun setting.

The next day, we lifted anchor and accessed the inner channels with our sails full.  The light breeze still pushed windswept to 5 knots as we headed toward Tent Island to which my favorite beach awaited our arrival.

As we approached the beach, the crystal clear water revealed meaty crabs that gave me and my guests dinner cravings.  Again, this site gave us another gift of a perfect day.

In conclusion to this epic tour, I wish to extend my appreciation to the Vigo family for I will be forever grateful for this time spent together among the wonders of the Salish Sea.

An addiction has taken hold of Sail’ish Tours and the next cruise cannot wait, our hearts and soul thirsting for more.  Tribune Bay on Hornby Island is Sail’ish Tours’ next destination.



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